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Troubleshooting Battery Operated Hearing Aids.

Written by

Jeanne Graulich
Jeanne Graulich
Jeanne Graulich, MA, CCC-A is an audiologist on staff to guide your hearing aid journey in a safe and practical way. Jeanne brings over 30 years of experience fitting hearing aids, specializing in fittings with adults. Her passion for improving communication and overall quality of life shines through in every interaction.

If a hearing aid is not working properly it is necessary to Troubleshoot various aspects of hearing aid function.  For further reference, there is a Troubleshooting section in the User Guide for each model. First, the battery needs to be checked.  DO NOT open any new batteries yet.  If a battery is dead, there will be no sound from the hearing aid.  With the battery in correctly and the door closed, cup the hearing aid in your hand and put it up to your ear.  Do you or someone else hear a high-pitched squeal?  If yes, the battery is working.  If one side is working and the other is not, switch the battery from the working hearing aid to the “dead” one. If a squeal is heard then the first battery is dead.  If the hearing aid is still not working, then the hearing aid is probably clogged.  Follow the directions in the hearing aid manual under cleaning and refer to our blog library on Cleaning Your Hearing Aids.