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Comorbidities with Hearing Loss

Written by

Jeanne Graulich
Jeanne Graulich
Jeanne Graulich, MA, CCC-A is an audiologist on staff to guide your hearing aid journey in a safe and practical way. Jeanne brings over 30 years of experience fitting hearing aids, specializing in fittings with adults. Her passion for improving communication and overall quality of life shines through in every interaction.
Many comorbidities, co-existing diseases, are associated with hearing loss including diabetes, thyroid disease, chronic kidney disease, and cardiovascular disease.  Any health problem, particularly these, which cause a disruption to the blood’s chemical balance can damage the delicate structures of the inner ear, the cochlea.  Hypothyroidism (below normal thyroid function) can also result in hearing loss. For individuals who experience these diseases, monitoring hearing is an important part of medical care.  The disease itself or the medications prescribed for it may have a negative impact on hearing. Communicate this information to your physicians.