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Degrees of Hearing Loss Explained: Hearing Levels Chart

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Jeanne Graulich
Jeanne Graulich
Jeanne Graulich, MA, CCC-A is an audiologist on staff to guide your hearing aid journey in a safe and practical way. Jeanne brings over 30 years of experience fitting hearing aids, specializing in fittings with adults. Her passion for improving communication and overall quality of life shines through in every interaction.

An audiogram is a graphic representation of hearing that plots frequency by hearing level.  A pure-tone threshold test measures the lowest level of sounds detected. The line connecting the thresholds across the pitch range reflects the hearing loss level in each ear. [diagram needs] The audiogram pictured is a visual representation of degrees of hearing loss where thresholds are:

Decibel Level in dBHLDescription
-10 to 20 (or 25Normal Hearing
20 (or 25) to 40Mild Hearing Loss
40 to 55Moderate Hearing Loss
55-70Moderately Severe Hearing Loss
70-90Severe Hearing Loss
90+Profound Hearing Loss
Hearing Levels Chart
Hearing Levels Chart

This particular audiogram groups moderate and moderately severe hearing loss levels together.  On this audiogram, the hearing loss level is normal (sloping) to severe.