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Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids: Link With Your Smartphone

Written by

Lindsay Roberts
Lindsay Roberts
Lindsay Roberts, an educational audiologist, received her Doctorate degree from West Virginia University. She loves to help people with hearing difficulties by sharing her expertise.

Why would you want your hearing aids to have Bluetooth compatibility?  Bluetooth allows your hearing aids to connect to your smartphone, tablet, laptop your any other Bluetooth-enabled device essentially making your hearing aids a customized set of wireless headphones.

Not only will you be able to enjoy your favorite music or tv shows, but it can also be very beneficial especially when you are driving.  Many states have hands-free driving laws and Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids will allow you to be completely hands-free.

Don’t be intimidated, Bluetooth is very easy to set up and use with your hearing aids.  You will be able to enjoy private listening to all of your favorite things in no time.

Hearing a rumbling sound in your ear is often a defensive mechanism. Noises can be too loud at times, causing hearing damage.